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Athena Fulland’s Investor is Vimefulland Real-estate Company, belongs to the subsidiary of Vimedimex Group. Its precursor is Vimedimex Pharma JSC, established in 1984.

With significant business experience and strong financial potentials, Vimedimex Group is even more enhancing the image of the muti-field Group focusing on supplying products, services with the best quality of essential living aspects such as Pharmacy, Medicine, Finance and Real-Estate.



In the evening of November 24th 2016, Vimedimex Group officially launched Vimefulland real-estate brand. At the party, 500 attendees were the leaders of Government and Hanoi Organizations as well as representatives of partners and repute real-estate Groups from the North to the South.

Ra mắt Vimefulland

On this occasion, Vimedimex Group announced the first real-estate project named as Hanoi Belleville and implemented to sign Contracts with strategies Units. With considerable experience and achievements for 03 decades, running Vietnam’s Pharmacy and more than 10-year operation in State Financial field, since 2014 Vinedimex Group has constructed the own first brick of real-estate business field, named as Vimefulland.

Vimefulland’s diverse real-estate projects have met the demand and financial ability of each customer with different purposes such as lease offices, apartments, villas, shop-houses, resorts and so on; intergrating diverse ecology utilities; complying with standards of friendly environmental works; focusing on designing landscape and living space, especially projects in Hanoi and Danang.



Vimefulland’s projects have been recorded initial successes with the professional and devoted working style as well as the orientation about pioneering products complying with standards on healthcare and medicine for construction.

Vimefulland has confirmed the own “MIND” for healthcare service and living quality on the top.

First of all, in November 2016, Vimefulland introduced to customers a Belleville Hanoi project, having its Investor as North Tu Liem HD., JSC. Through this project, Vimefulland’s ability and management have been enhanced to become one of Project Development Units.

Less than 6 months dated from the opening period, 66 row-houses of Belleville Hanoi project handed over successfully. This project’s advantage position has been bringing big profit opportunities to invest. So, until now, many customers are still looking for opportinities to possess row-houses like that in Belleville Hanoi projects although transactions have been implemented from secondary Investors or retail customers.

The Emerald

Moreover, Vimefulland has been cooperating with My Dinh Real-Estate Investement., JSC – the Investor of The Emeral apartment projects with its role as Project Development Unit. This project’s 1344 units are located in My Dinh new urban area in the South-West in Hanoi City. More than 100 units have been successfully handed over within less than 01 month after officially launched project. As a result, one more, Vimefulland’s ability and reputation are been enhancing.

Athena Fulland

Athena Fulland

In the past time, Vimefulland’s success has been created through products such as row-houses and high-quality apartment. As the schedule in the ending of 2017, Vimefulland keep on launching new products such as villas, row-houses, units but modern American- style designs, named as The Eden Rose or Iris Garden for customer having average income.