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Athena Fulland row-house is located in intersection between Beltway 3 and Chu Van An boulevard, opposite to The Manor Center park, Chu Van An park and Thang Long University.


*** Including 02 areas: Athens and Larissa

+ In the South-West (the main direction), adjoining Beltway 3 – Nguyen Xien – Khuat Duy Tien road.

+ In the North-West, adjoining a Tay Nam Kim Giang row-house area.

+ In the North-East, parallel alley 168 Kim Giang with 25 meter of width, adjoining Kim Giang road.

+ In the South, nearby Thang Long University.

Athena Fulland Project’s Location
Athena Fulland Project’s Location

This project located in Dai Kim new Urban Area is the prospective one for the best accommodation choice in Hanoi. They bring potential benefits and utilities for life, investment as well as lease. Based on such features, it is assumed that Athena Fulland is the “gold position” for Customers and Investor.